Welcome to I Am Claudius! Actually, that’s not my name, which you’ve probably figured out.  My name is Claudio Zavala Jr.   So why Claudius?  Well, it’s one of many nicknames I had growing up. I’m called Clyde, Claude, Clay, and Claudius.  I just like the way Claudius sounds. I mean, he was an emperor! Not to worry, I have no aspirations of becoming a ruler.

If you’ve stumbled onto my site, thank you for taking the time to get this far into it.  Hopefully, the bread crumbs will help you find your way back. So about me. I’m currently an Instructional Technology Coordinator in DFW area where I help teacher capacity to use technology to improve instruction.  I am an Adobe Education Leader (AEL), Flipgrid Ambassador, Hoonuit Ambassador, a Google Certified Educator – Level 1, and a SMART Exemplary Educator. I am an Apple enthusiast (brand not the fruit). I love watching movies, especially sci-fi.  Star Wars anyone? I am a freelance photographer and dabble in cinematography. I love spending time outdoors on my mountain bike! I am also an accomplished drummer and percussionist, having recorded 5 albums. I am currently the drummer for the band Fear The Radio.  I am fluent in Español and English. I have not pets. I have two children and am married to a wonderful lady.